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I'm a HUGE 49ers fan and have been since 1972. I'm a season ticket holder now and I'll always be one no matter where they play.
I'm also a member of Club 49 Tailgating Crew.

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Actor, Drummer, Speaker, Writer

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Week 3 posted on 09/28/2009

OK, I feel like someone kicked me in the stomach. That was a HORRIBLE way to lose but, it's also a good learning lesson.

We can take from that lose the fact that we are going to be on the receiving end of those kinds of game from time to time and move forward. I could not believe Favre hit his receiver with less than an inch of space in the back of the end zone. I looked and looked and deep in my heart I wanted to hear the ref come back after reviewing and say "after further review, the receiver's foot was out of bounds." But it didn't happen like that.

I am still very proud of the way the Niners played to last second of that game and never gave up when it looked bleek.

The refs gave the Vikings a few calls that I felt were questionable. But complaining about them now doesn't change the fact that we lost a close game and now we just have to get ready for the Rams.

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WEEK 2 posted on 09/21/2009

Week 2 is behind us and it's on to Minnesota next...

We are 2-0...undefeated...I have to say I would love to go further undefeated but, after a while you start thinking about it so much, you can't concentrate on the task at hand...playing the game.

Now a lot of things can...and will happen before our bye week.

First: We are going to have a TRUE challenge next week with Favre and Peterson. However, the last time we played Favre, we shut him down! The same can be said about Peterson. He had the worst game of his career against us. So with that being said, We have a chance to be 3-0 after next Sunday.

Second: The Rams...Not to be taken lightly...simply because they are in our division and...they love to beat the 49ers. It's been a LONG rivalry and it will continue.We SHOULD be 4-0 or at the very least 3-1 (if we lose to the Vikings)

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Week 1 posted on 09/13/2009

Alright...That's the way to get the season off the ground!!

In the words of Mike Sigletary..."we go in...we hit people in the mouth" And that's what the Niners did today in Arizona. The San Francisco 49ers went in and got things going from the start. Although they struggled on offense today, Hill managed to dig down deep and move the ball when it was needed. 

The running game was totally shut down and that's going to happen. As long as they don't give up on it, it WILL have it's good games. And I know that coach Singletary is not going to stop running. There were a few plays that I wished we could have had back but, that too is going to happen. On a few plays, Hill over threw his target and few times he missed the open man. But, like I stated before, he made things happen when it really needed to happen. The 15 play 7:26 possesion was the series of the game. Vernon Davis has become a team player! I am very impressed with what he's been doing. He missed a pass or two but, caught a few as well. As the season gets going, I can see that he's going to get better and better.

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Dallas Game posted on 08/30/2009

I was not happy at all about the first half. We had NO PASS RUSH and our offense just couldn't get it going. 

There were a few really useless plays called and I know it's just pre season but, if we are going to run a "wildcat" formation...we should at LEAST get something out of it. I'm realy glad that we held them to ONLY 10 points in the first half. Then only gave up another 3 for the rest of the game. Our defense has been suspect to big plays and that needs to be addressed.

The second half was MUCH more to my liking. Davis has won my vote for #2 QB...maybe #1 if he had a little more experience. This kid is GOOD! I just have to say that. I had not really looked too closely at Davis until yesterday. The kid is GOOD!

He moved the team down the field like a seasoned vet and I know that when he get's his shot to shine, we'll need sun glasses because he's going to shine brightly!

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Oakland Game posted on 08/23/2009

OK...Now I'm impressed! The Niners did what I thought they SHOULD have...WON! 

It wasn't just a good game, it was a GREAT day at the "Stick". The parking lot situation was a little annoying but, most of us got through it. It seemed like the Raider fans tried to buy up all the Pre-Paid parking passes for this one. I can't remember the time it took me almost an hour before I could get my car in. BUt once I was in, it was business as usual at Club 49.

We waited for everyone to arrive with tables, plates of food, drink, etc. There wasn't as much trash talking going on this year at C-49 because we had a few guest that were Raider fans so, I guess that could be the reason.

Anyway, There was plenty of the trash talking going on inside and I was there to support my fellow Niner Fan! The thing I liked was that most of the trash talk was mild...nothing too over the top...(fighting words). I sat behind the Niners bench...as usual and enjoyed the company of old and new friends. It's always nice to share a section with pumped up people. I'm sure that will only last until the actual season starts and it'll be back to the more subdued atmosphere.

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