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49ers and Mike Vick Close to Marriage? posted on 01/24/2009

After the 49ers 2008 season concluded with back to back wins over the Rams and Redskins interim head coach Mike Singletary was rewarded with a new 4 year contract as the teams new permanent fixture at head coach. For Singletary it was a moment that many saw coming for quite awhile. The former Super Bowl champion and Ravens assistant guided the 49ers to a 5-4 finish after a very rocky 2-5 that saw the firing of former coach Mike Nolan. First on the new coach's to do list was to address offensive coordinator Mike Martz. At times the 49ers were very inconsistent and the chosen one (by Martz anyway) by the name of J.T. O'Sullivan was quickly benched after Singletary took over. So it wasn't much of a surprise then when the 49ers fired Mike Martz after just one season. Now the team is looking for yet another play caller, for the 7th time in as many years in fact. One could certainly point at the 49ers failure to have a long term coordinator as one of the many reasons the team hasn't made the playoffs since 2002. Many names have surfaced for the position including several current NFL assistants and former head coaches (one, Scott Linehan, turned the 49ers down several days ago to accept the same position with the Detriot Lions).

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A Win Over the Jets could Remove "Interim" Label for Singletary posted on 12/04/2008

It has been over a month now since the 49ers fired head coach Mike Nolan and replaced him with assistant coach Mike Singletary. "Right now, the guys realize that we do have something here," To what degree, I don't know, but we do have something special here", Singletary said after first being named interim coach. In the 5 games since Singletary took over the 49ers are 2-3 and just last week came away with a 10-3 win in a defensive struggle against Buffalo. The 49ers are playing harder, the coaches are coaching better, the team is actually better. Although a 4-8 record and an assurance that the 49ers will fail to make the playoffs for the 6th straight year can't please to many fans, Mike Singletary should. Singletary said he's "having the time of my life" as head coach. "This is what I was born to do -- there's absolutely no doubt in my mind." He has taken responsibility when the team hasn't played well and he will go straight after players when they make mistakes. Both of those things former coach Mike Nolan wouldn't do. 

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What's Next for UFL? posted on 12/02/2008

The United Football League officially announced itself yesterday to the press and the rest of the football world. The league announced their $20 million training complex in Arizona, unveiled both a new league logo and the official website, the final 8 cities to fill the 6 slots for teams and the announcement that a television deal is in the works. Other information was announced and league commissioner Michael Huyghue had several interviews and new quotes about the league. Take a visit to and you will see a video of Huyghue welcoming you to the league as well as a blog keeping you up to date on it. The website also other information about the league and has given the fans the chance to name each of the league's franchises. The day was big, giving the league a little bit of momentum heading into 2009 and much bigger announcements to come as early as next month. With that said one must look ahead, past this announcement, and wonder. What's next?

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Some NFL Teams are Bad, Really Bad posted on 11/30/2008

The 2008 NFL is one of the better ones in my memory. Certainly better than last year, and probably the best since 2001. The stories of bad teams rising to the occasion, a star quarterback coming back to play and another one missing the year, a backup who hasn't started since high school on his way to making millions via free agency, coaches being fired at a record pace, and a couple quarterbacks on their way to 5000 yards passing are just some of the stories to the NFL season. There seems to be another story that could be in the making when the season comes to a close. Currently there are 5 NFL teams with 2 wins or fewer and with just 5 games left in the season there is the possibility that a 5 teams could finish 2-14 or worse. The reason for the futility is a lot of things, bad play, injuries, or just plain bad. Here are the 5 best of the worst in the NFL and what the last part of the season could hold.

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Syracuse Finishes Season 3-9; Coaching Search Up Next posted on 11/30/2008

The Syracuse Orange finished yet another season of failure on Saturday, losing to BCS Busting Cincinnat 30-10 and sealing the 4th consecutive losing year for Syracuse. The team finished 3-9 and the best record under Greg Robinson was a 4-8 campaign in 2006. With the past 4 years finally finished, Greg Robinson fired, and the program in desparation mode, a new head coach is on the horizon. “I have made the decision to move our football program in a new direction and have informed Greg Robinson that his tenure as Syracuse’s head coach will end at the conclusion of this season" SU athletic director Daryl Gross said. That new direction could have been much of the same, as there was initial interest in former Raider head coach and ex-USC assistant Lane Kiffin. Gross worked with Kiffin at Southern Cal and rumors speculted there was a reunion possibly in the works. Now that Kiffin is the new coach at Tennesse that rumor can be put to rest. As for SU? Their search will continue and look for the school to take its time.

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